Up to 85% of a compressor’s cost is from energy consumption, cost of spares, cost of service, warranty, and downtime. At ELGi, we believe in minimising this 85% impact by offering high-efficiency motors with high flow capacity airends that offer more airflow for the rated power.

Additionally, we offer in-built VFDs & standalone VFDs that help regulate airflow as per demand, reducing power consumption.

Selecting the right sized compressor will save significant energy for you. Our compressed air experts can help you assess your air demand and duty cycle and suggest the right compressor for your application.

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We like ELGi air compressors because they’re easy to work on. Inside, they’re made in a way that it is easy to maintain.

Curtis Wood, Facilities Team Supervisor
HAECO Americas

After the installation of ELGi’s “Global Series” screw air compressors (EG75), we have charted energy savings that’s 15-20% of our total energy costs… a significant achievement.

Ambarish, Plant Manager
Mirza International Limited

ELGi machines are very crucial for our process and in most cases these compressors are set to run continuously.

Maintenance Manager
Gulf Cement Company

ELGi powers our plants across India. ELGi’s screw air compressors have not just enabled significant energy savings but also delivered best-in-class life cycle cost.

Ravi, Managing Director
Craftsman Automation