The new system features a state-of-the-art ELGi air compressor and dryer, which ensures a reliable, clean, and dry air supply, crucial for maintaining high-quality printing standards and reducing maintenance costs.

XL Digital, a Dallas-based digital printing company specializing in grand and large formats, embarked on a significant transformation of its compressed air system in 2022. The company, known for high-profile projects such as producing graphics for the NFL, Texas Rangers, Texas State Fair, and the Mary Kay Convention, has succeeded in consistently surpassing expectations for major events and meticulous clients. Central to XL Digital's commitment to delivering unmatched print quality and maintaining operational efficiency is its reliable and advanced ELGi compressed air system.

"Our compressed air system is the cornerstone of our operations at XL Digital. It's the lifeblood of our entire suite of equipment — from printers and routers to sewing machines and laminators. Each piece crucially depends on the steady flow of compressed air," said Raj Persad, president of XL Digital. "In our 24/7 operational environment, ensuring our compressed air systems' reliability and uninterrupted performance is critical. It's not just about keeping the machines running; it's about maintaining our commitment to operational excellence and uninterrupted service."

Before partnering with ELGi, XL Digital, using two air compressors from another manufacturer since 2003, encountered repeated issues like system failures, oil leaks, dryer breakdowns, and moisture problems. These issues, especially moisture-affecting print heads in large format printing, caused operational disruptions, additional costs, and delays. Moisture also risked electronic corrosion and necessitated costly print head replacements. These consistent challenges and rising maintenance expenses prompted XL Digital to switch to a more reliable, efficient compressed air system.

XL Digital collaborated with Gentex Air Solutions, an ELGi distributor based in Fort Worth, to thoroughly upgrade its compressed air system. More than just a supplier of compressed air equipment, Gentex operates as a business consultant, providing strategies that enhance both the longevity of machinery and the quality of the final product. Gery Naico, president of Gentex Air Solutions, played a pivotal role in customizing solutions to meet XL Digital's unique requirements, particularly optimizing airflow and redesigning the system.

"At Gentex, we're committed to thoroughly understanding each detail to identify the best solutions tailored to our customers’ specific issues," Naico said. "XL Digital previously had a couple of air compressors, but our goal was to establish a clean, dry, and efficient compressed air system. We aimed to configure the system to enhance dryer efficiency, eliminating any residual moisture in the pipes."

Gentex installed an ELGi EG 18-125, a 25-horsepower air compressor, and an ELGi EGRD250 refrigerated air dryer at XL Digital. In addition, Gentex installed an ELGi EGRD250 refrigerated air dryer, which helps remove moisture from the compressed air. It cools the compressed air to a low temperature, causing water vapor to condense into liquid form. This process effectively reduces the moisture content in the compressed air, rendering it more suitable for use in digital printing operations.

"Before we switched to ELGi, opening our release valve would usually result in a lot of water coming out due to line moisture, which was always a concern. We have successfully eliminated that issue with this new system," Persad said.

Integrating the new ELGi compressed air system at XL Digital required extensive updates, including re-piping, installing new valves, and introducing a new dryer system. Gentex, which carefully planned the installation, scheduled the upgrade during the weekend to avoid disrupting XL Digital's regular weekday operations. This comprehensive upgrade significantly boosted air quality and efficiency, especially by addressing moisture issues.

Key benefits of the new ELGi system are:

  • The ELGi EG Series compressor, with its OSBIC process, ensures the industry's lowest oil carryover.

  • The new system provides 110 cfm of compressed air at 125 psi, suitable for XL Digital’s printing processes.

  • The new system reduces annual service calls from five to six to minimal interruptions post-installation.

  • XL Digital experience a notable decrease in annual repair costs, previously around $5,000.

In recent years, XL Digital and Gentex have developed a strong partnership, anchored in the exceptional performance of the compressed air system and Gentex's dedicated support. Gentex's demonstrated flexibility and reliability have established it as a trusted ally for XL Digital.

"Gery and his team have shown remarkable responsiveness, a quality vital for our operations," Persad said. "Our collaboration with Gentex and ELGi is a testament to our mutual commitment to excellence. It highlights how working together can significantly enhance operational efficiency and improve service quality."

Transform your business operations with ELGi's advanced compressed air systems. Experience the same operational excellence and reliability that propelled XL Digital to new heights. Contact us today to learn how our customized solutions can optimize your processes, reduce maintenance costs, and elevate your product quality.


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