The fitness facility uses an EG37-125 compressor to fill a group fitness studio with nitrogen, which displaces oxygen molecules in the air, simulating high-altitude conditions.

One of the latest fitness trends has taken hold in Miami, Florida, and an ELGi compressor has proven crucial to its success. AIRLAB launched only a few months ago, but its group exercise classes are already fully booked on a consistent basis. The company’s unique facility simulates high-altitude training conditions by filling a studio with nitrogen-rich air molecules. These displace oxygen in the air, providing workout conditions that are typically only experienced in mountainous regions.

The simulated high-altitude training environment is powered by ELGi’s EG37 Series screw air compressor within hypoxic air chambers from Australian-based Altitude Training Systems (ATS). The compressor pumps air through a hypoxic box that nitrogenizes the air, which is then filtered several times through various membranes. The air is then filtered multiple times through various membranes, passed through an air dryer, and then through additional filters before it is dispersed into the fitness studio. Smart sensors control the process, ensuring the level of nitrogen stays consistent, and a series of IoT-connected safety sensors provide 24/7 monitoring. The oxygen levels in the air are similar to conditions found at altitudes of 10,000 – 12,000 ft. The compressed air solution addressed AIRLAB’s specific needs by providing excellent air composition, stability, and variability to replicate different altitudes and environments.

The AIRLAB fitness studio is one of the first of its kind in North America. High-altitude training technology has historically been designed for one person at a time, and usually only for professional athletes. The ELGi solution enables group classes of up to 32 people, simultaneously enduring HIIT classes, cardio conditioning, suspension training, powerlifting and various modes of circuit training.

“With the quality of air and filtration that ELGi provides, we believe we have the cleanest air you can breathe in Miami,” said Varun Varadaraj, co-founder and co-CEO of AIRLAB. “The ELGi compressor sources air from outside of the facility, and then there are several filters that remove impurities in the air. As soon as you walk into the studio, you can feel the air becomes cleaner and lighter.”

AIRLAB chose the EG37-125 for its 212 CFM at 125 psi, which matches the power needed to maintain consistent air quality for the volume of the fitness studio. With its advanced package design, the air compressor is configured with an array of compact, easily maintainable subsystems that result in minimal noise production, further enhancing the overall user experience. The EG37-125 resides in a room next to the studio, which is soundproofed for customer comfort. Hot air is exhausted back outside, and the nitrogenized air is pumped into the studio through a proprietary duct system. With its highly efficient electric motor and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, the EG37-125 provides low operating costs, which Varadaraj says helps reduce electricity and increase operating margins for the startup company.

“ELGi was the only company that could provide us with an air compression solution that was economical at this size and scale,” said Varadaraj “The high-quality, energy-efficient system ELGi offered us mean lower operating costs in the long run, an aspect that is indispensable for a startup like us.”

AIRLAB worked with Pattons, an ELGi distributor that covers the southeastern U.S., to choose the compressor and install it in the studio. The installation only took one day to complete. ELGi is supporting AIRLAB with 48-hour uptime guarantee, backed by ample parts supplies and a nimble maintenance team. ELGi provides a five-year package warranty period, the longest in the industry, with lifetime air end coverage *.

“ELGi has a reputation for providing the highest levels of uptime, and we are comforted by its uptime guarantee,” Varadaraj said. “I don’t feel like I need to be an expert in compressed air and compressor maintenance with the support I have received from ELGi and Pattons. As a new business with a growing list of clients that may be new to high-altitude training, maintaining operations is crucial to our success.”

This list of clients is beginning to enjoy their own personal successes, too. After only two months of high-altitude training with AIRLAB, they are reporting higher blood platelet counts, improved sleep, increased endurance and weight loss. If these trends continue, Varadaraj says that AIRLAB may expand to more locations and that they all would be powered by ELGi air compressors.

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