ELGi is committed to continuously improving all of our products to provide real and tangible benefits to our valuable customers and distributors. As such, we are pleased to announce a product upgrade to our ever-popular EN series compressors.

ELGi’s EN Series compressors are the preferred choice to many industries due to their great value and offerings such as:

  • Flexible configurations – Optional tank mounting and dryer

  • Robust design with a small footprint- Due to encapsulated airend and standard aftercooler

  • Quiet Operation – 61 dB(A)

  • Full Function Controller

  • Continuous Duty Cycle

  • High Air Quality

  • Industry-leading Warranty*

    • Six years on Airend

    • Five years on compressor package includes: motor, cooler, separator tank, fan motor, controller, all static parts of compressor, pressure, temperature switches, sensors and gauges, fittings and fasteners, canopy, and canopy parts.

    • Three years on VFD

    • No service contract required

*Terms and Conditions Apply

In addition to all of these benefits, the EN series is known for being easy to maintain. But not satisfied with being the market leader, ELGi is proud to announce that it has changed the oil filter design of EN products in the 3-15 kW range. The new oil filter offers the following advantages over the previous design:

  • Replacement interval extended from 2,000 hours to 4,000 hours

  • Maintains the same ease of replacement by spin on as the current design, but now also offers the option of ordering a drop-in element for additional cost savings where time is less of a priority.

  • One oil filter (versus two) is now used across 3-15kw (EN53/73) to make stocking easier and less complicated.

  • Retrofit kit is available for customers that want to convert an existing EN compressor to the new oil filter design.

For further information, please reach out to your ELGi representative.

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