Executive Summary

A leading global electrical manufacturer, nVent often found its operations stalled owing to obsolete compression machinery and air leaks. After a thorough systems audit, the company chose to replace its 15-year-old backup machine of another brand with a state-of-the-art ELGi EG series air compressor. The move resulted in increased uptime, reliability, and productivity.

Overview of the Industry

The world is increasingly becoming more connected. Technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and automation have become commonplace. Innovations in smart grids, industrial automation, and electric-powered transportation are completely disrupting and changing the face of infrastructure rapidly. As the world continues to transform dramatically, the energy demand is growing exponentially.

Out of all energy sources available to meet the world’s energy demands, electricity, in particular, is expected to outpace all other fuels and fulfill 21% of the global energy consumption by 2030[i]. The increased need for sustainability also drives the need for electrification as industries shift to electric power sources as an option towards decarbonising energy[ii].

With electricity offering energy efficiency and cost reduction, the electrification will increase the demand for all supporting products that aid in the generation, distribution, and protection of power.

Overview of the Company

nVent is a $2.1 billion, high-performance electrical company providing electrical connection and protection solutions. Boasting a dedicated team of 9,000 employees, the company manufactures and installs electrical products and solutions for equipment, buildings, and industrial processes. nVent products and solutions are available in three segments: electrical enclosures, thermal management, and electrical and fastening solutions, under the brand names CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF, and TRACER.

Known for innovation, quality, and reliability, the company prides itself on connecting and protecting heating/electrical systems, consistently delivering bespoke solutions to commercial, industrial, residential, energy, and infrastructure customers.

nVent’s products protect their customers’ investments in facilities, helping them reduce the risk of equipment and process failure. Apart from simplifying installation and reducing downtime, nVent’s solutions also help improve productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership for their customers.

The Solution

Pattons conducted a thorough air leak study at nVent’s facility, confirming the results of the audit. During this time, the existing backup compressor had critically failed, causing production downtime that necessitated the immediate installation of a new air compressor. Using the baseline audit information, Pattons fulfilled their compressed air needs by pairing their current ELGi EG 75VSD model sold in May 2018 with a fixed speed ELGi EG75 in June 2020 as a replacement for their old backup compressor from another brand.

Pattons also helped nVent with air monitoring, providing real-time information about each compressor remotely, tracking historical data, and moderated their facility for an extended period. Pattons configured the air compressors to run at optimal levels so that their fixed speed unit ran during the week while the variable speed unit ran as the lead machine during their third shift and weekends, resulting in energy savings.

Business Benefits

Pattons saved nVent $8,300 on non-preventive maintenance service calls where usual preventive maintenance/service agreements would not address the underlying issues. It also ensured:

Improved uptime: Before getting the new systems, nVent had many downtime issues throughout the year, requiring Pattons to visit outside of scheduled times.

Better reliability: With the new setup, nVent no longer makes emergency service calls since their new equipment is more reliable.

Enhanced profitability: In addition to the cost savings on non-preventive maintenance service calls, nVent increased overall productivity, translating into more profits.