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Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors in Atlanta, GA

Oil-Free Air Compressors in Atlanta, GA

ELGi's EN 05 screw air compressor operates reliably every day and we have had no issues with it at all.

Dan Hyde
Co-Owner Suffolk Punch Brewing, USA

We like ELGi air compressors because they're easy to work on. Inside, they're made in a way that it is easy to maintain.

Curtis Wood
Facilities Team Supervisor HAECO Americas

When the company used traditional oil-flooded air compressors in the facility, they would often see oil contamination occur during the process . They are looking for less contamination in the air stream. The company also uses desiccant dryers to remove the moisture, and it can get pretty ugly when they try to get oil out of dryers during maintenance. ELGi’s oil-free air compressors help solve these challenges.

Tanner Hilton
Sales Manager at Modern Compressed Air

Our ELGi EG 75V has served us well in the past eight years without any issues. Since we were happy with its performance, we decided to install another 100 hp ELGi EG 75V air compressor as our backup air compressor. We have relied on the ELGi EG compressor for the past eight years, and it has never let us down. We've never encountered any issues with oil contamination or moisture issues. The quality air provided by ELGi enables us to produce the most precise aircraft parts and tools.

Mark Gabbard
Facility Manager at Legacy Industries

As reputable compressor manufacturers, ELGi stands out for delivering unparalleled performance in the industry. The ELGi oil-free air compressor has become the cornerstone of our manufacturing line, enabling a seamless transition from manual, hands-on food preparation to an automated system. It has accelerated our production volumes, enabling us to cater to growing demand without compromising our strict standards of food quality and safety.

Levi Barbee
President at E2M Kitchen

Compressed air is critical to our blasting operation at Coatings, and we wanted to pursue new equipment that would be more reliable, supported by a new warranty, and also enable us to optimize our energy use. ELGi and Evergreen proved to be ideal partners for this strategy. The solutions were based on hard data. We were able to identify the exact scenarios in which our electricity demand spiked and choose a new air compressor that solved our unique challenges.

Roger Moshier
Production Manager at Coatings