The precise forging and machining of metals requires quality and reliable compressed air, and we needed a solution for a reliable source of air that would simultaneously deliver better efficiency and energy savings. Since installing the ELGi units, we have recorded energy savings of 10% compared to previous units, resulting in a significant reduction in our energy costs.

Giovanni Biondi
Production Manager, GV STAMPERIE

The main reasons for purchasing the ELGi machine were its market-leading 10-year airend warranty and the efficiency improvements it offered. Since installing the EG 22 V we have seen a large reduction in our energy consumption versus our older compressor, and despite. The increased cost of electricity, the compressor has given us a payback in less than two years.

Tony Elsted
Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Waterford Crystal

Choosing the ELGi EG 37 V was simple. It was the right one. Since the installation, the compressor has delivered stable and reliable compressed air efficiently. We also noted lower energy consumption compared to the previous system.

José Maraldés Espuig
Technical Manager, Codelen

Since the installation, the ELGi EG 75 kW compressor is efficiently meeting our needs for stable and reliable compressed air – critical when running 24/7 in a highly automated production process. The reliability, service and maintenance plan and technical expertise offered by ELGi were also instrumental in our choice.

Ignacio Bello Argomaniz

We chose ELGi as our partner for our growth plans due to their ability to provide us with a complete turnkey solution, delivering the necessary robustness of the compressor while improving efficiency and reliability and lowering operational costs. The solution provided by ELGi has given us worry-free comfort, allowing us to focus on delivering the best quality product to our customers.

Andrzej Jasiak
Owner, Fasolex

Our 24/7 manufacturing processes require reliable compressed air to operate and create high quality and cost-efficient tool solutions for industries across the globe. The EG 37 VFD has met all our expectations. The unit, together with its extended warranty and the expertise of the regional ELGi Channel Partner, offers peace of mind, allowing us to focus on delivering on our customers' needs.

Roger Scherberg
Head of Production, Granlund Tools AB

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