Swedish manufacturer upgrades to ELGi air compressor for a massive reduction in power consumption and energy bills.

Executive summary

The manufacturing industry in Sweden has very strict regulations regarding energy efficiency. Solö Mechanical Solutions AB conducted an audit and decided to upgrade to ELGi air compressors to reduce its energy bills and noise levels. The upgrade led to a reduction in monthly energy consumption by more than 4,000 kWh.

Overview of the industry

Sweden has a very robust manufacturing and industrial engineering sector. It contributes 20% to the country’s GDP and is world-renowned for engineering excellence and low environmental impact. It provides more than one million jobs and accounts for over 75% of the country’s total exports. Needless to say, the sector is a critical source of income, employment, and pride for Swedes.

The Swedish government is very particular about the working conditions of workers in factories and production facilities across the country. Laws and regulations demand that companies follow stringent rules for maintaining worker comfort regarding air and noise pollution. While detailed national strategies and roadmaps lay out the path for smart industrialisation and energy efficiency, worker satisfaction is a critical component of Swedish working life. Since 2005, there has been an added focus on energy-intensive industries and operating mechanisms to minimise the environmental impact caused by SMEs.

Combined with Sweden’s strong industrial internet structure, these factors encourage Swedish manufacturers to constantly innovate and improve their production efficiency. This outlook makes Sweden an attractive country for new technologies and advanced industrial equipment.

About the company

Solö Mechanical Solutions AB is a subcontract manufacturing company operating in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Situated in a highly industrialised central region, Solö has been offering mechanical processing services for over 50 years. It has 20 40 employees and generates around USD 6.09 million in sales annually. The company offers assembly services, cutting processes, welding, sheet metal working, and mounting. It is considered by customers to be an invaluable knowledge bank in mechanical processing.

Solö performs all its mechanical processing tasks in-house and provides small to medium-sized order volumes to customers from the automotive, mining, and engineering industries. Its proximity to European manufacturing facilities, combined with decades of mechanical design and manufacturing expertise, makes Solö a competitive and sought after player in the industry.

Solö’s mission is “Together with our customers, we develop the best solutions.” This admirable approach encourages the company to hire the most knowledgeable employees and offer the most cost-effective solutions.

As a respected systems supplier, Solö is well-versed with what it takes to become a leading vendor of choice to customers across Europe. This mission motivates Solö to consistently improve on all fronts. Be it through skilled employees, smart manufacturing processes, or efficient machinery, Solö is exceeding customer expectations and meeting Sweden’s stringent industrial and environmental regulations.

Navigating Sweden’s tough requirements for mechanical processing standards is not easy, as these policies cover wide-ranging factors. Solö is constantly investing in solutions to improve its internal work environment as well as the environmental impact of its operations. The company prioritises environment-friendly solutions but never detracts from its goal of producing high-quality products at the same time. This often means investing heavily in the latest and most reliable production equipment, and Solö does not shy away from doing so.

The customer challenge

To improve the efficiency of its existing systems, Solö undertook an air audit and financial analysis to learn if it could improve production efficiency, worker comfort, and energy costs. The audit, conducted by ELGi Europe and validated by a third-party consultancy, showed that replacing Solö’s existing air compressor could offer a competitive advantage. It was found that the existing air compressor was consuming more power than required and that its shorter lifecycle and high maintenance costs were unsustainable.

Additionally, the air audit discovered inefficiencies and recommended an air compressor upgrade to help Solö enjoy various benefits. A clear picture of the expected savings and cost reduction estimates was laid out. Lastly, the audit found that the existing air compressor was producing too much noise, impacting workers and that it was also subject to pressure fluctuations which affected energy bills.

Solö revisited its compressed air needs and decided to upgrade its air compressor to eliminate its inefficiencies. The company wanted a solution that was reliable, long-lasting, noise-free, and energy-efficient. Such audits and upgrades are standard practice in industrial applications, and Solö’s willingness to change enabled it to move fast.

The solution

Solö Mechanical Solutions AB chose the ELGi EG37 VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) compressor to improve its production efficiency. ELGi Compressors Europe convinced Solö, thanks to their shared vision of environmental protection and reputation for providing high-quality air compressors with reliable after-sales support. ELGi was able to successfully tailor its offering to suit Solö’s needs for precise compressed air, worker comfort, and energy savings. Since the EG Series compressor is capable of providing high-quality compressed air in the harshest of environmental conditions, it was well- suited to Solö’s demands.

Solö was further convinced by the following features of the EG Series compressor:

  • Precise rotor clearance resulting in low operating speeds, ensuring longer life, lesser noise, and lower maintenance
  • Next-generation oil-injected screw element technology resulting in low operating costs
  • In-built VFD matching compressor output with demand, reducing power consumption and energy bills
  • Frequency controlled technology delivering increased reliability and energy efficiency
  • Robust design resulting in fewer breakdowns and pressure loss

While EG Series air compressors run quietly in the background and result in employee comfort, ELGi’s industry-leading service warranty programme was another key factor for Solö Mechanical. The programme contains no limitations of running hours and offers years of warranty on the air-end, compressor package, VFD, and other electrical, plastic, and rubber parts of the compressor.

Business benefits

By upgrading to a variable speed ELGi air compressor, Solö has been able to effectively optimise its compressed air supply with demand. The newly-found cost-efficiency can be relayed to customers in terms of price-drops. It can improve customer bottom lines to strengthen Solö’s market share and brand perception. Here are some of the tangible benefits that the company has witnessed:

  • Solö has reduced its monthly energy consumption by 4,364 kWh
  • This will lead to cost savings of 350 EUR a month, translating to savings of over 20,000 EUR in the next 5 years
  • ELGi air compressors operate at significantly lower noise levels, leading to improved worker comfort
  • Fewer air compressor breakdowns have resulted in lower operational costs and a smaller ecological footprint
  • Long-term cost savings on maintenance and upkeep due to greater longevity of the machines


By providing Solö Mechanical Solutions AB with energy-efficient and reliable air compressors, ELGi is helping the company uphold its high production standards and meet Sweden’s environmental regulations. Worker comfort is an added advantage of ELGi air compressors, enabling the company to achieve its long-term objectives. Maintaining excellence in industrial production is no mean feat, and Solö’s investment in high-quality equipment is one of the reasons why it has been so successful for over 50 years.