Food Processing applications don't just need mechanisation; they need efficient mechanisation!

In the food processing industry, mechanisation is an input that cannot be ignored or substituted. Mechanisation increases productivity by improving timeliness and quality. It accelerates output management, provides better control, increases efficiency, and lowers operating costs without compromising output quality.

Mechanisation in food processing is a major thrust area. Many steps in food processing manufacturing call for clean compressed air solutions, such as food mixing, packing movements, fluid pumping, and air filtration.

Therefore, a high-standard compressor that supplies efficient and reliable air is vital for delivering the highest quality products possible. ELGi ensures that every particle of air used in food processing complies with the manufacturing needs and meets the quality standards.

With over 400 products to suit clients' requirements and more than 60 years of customer-centric innovation, ELGi air compressors serve various food processing sectors. ELGi's industrial-grade compressed air solutions are more efficient, productive, reliable, and long-lasting, making them ideal for all day-to-day operations in the food processing industry. ELGi has a team of professionals who can analyse the requirements and provide solutions that address the client's objective.
Clients such as Boerschappen and Foodhills have benefitted from ELGi's assistance in growing their businesses and enhancing productivity. Let's look at how ELGi collaborated to create a solution that meets its client’s objective.

Boerschappen chooses an ELGi EN Series oil-lubricated screw air compressor to support business growth.

Boerschappen, an innovative, fair-trade food company in Breda (in the southern part of the Netherlands), wanted to improve the pace of packaging fresh food while maintaining high safety and quality standards due to the sensitive nature of food-related items. After learning about Boerschappen's production line and compressed air needs, ELGi and Channel Partner Techno Brabant suggested the EN Series screw air compressor as a trustworthy solution for meeting the company's expansion goals.

"The advice and support we received from ELGi and their partner Techno Brabant proved a game-changer. We wanted to increase our efficiency by investing in our compressed air production instead of relying on our existing system. As our business grows, we would certainly reach out to ELGi to support our expanding compressed air installation." said Bart Schoonebeek, Go Live & Fulfilment Manager at Boerschappen. "Reliability of our compressed air system is paramount for us, and ever since installation, we have experienced the flawless reliability of the ELGi EN2 unit. Whatsmore, ELGi, and Techno Brabant carefully understood our requirements and delivered a solution that addresses our objectives."

"We spent time with Boerschappen to understand their compressed air needs today and their business plans for the future and other operational parameters”, said Ivo Bolsius, Area Sales Manager at ELGi. "The ELGi EN Series air station packs a huge punch in a single package with a small footprint – incorporating an air compressor, dryer, and tank while being reliable and easily accessible for maintenance. It's a common-sense solution where size, efficiency, and cost matter."

Here's how ELGi is assisting a Swedish agro-food in growing its productivity. Foodhills is a dynamic, constantly-evolving enterprise. Today, it is primarily focused on developing and selling frozen green peas. Foodhills has built a cooperative organisation expected to produce 10,000 tonnes of green peas in 2021, thanks to the region's strong farming tradition and knowledge-sharing among local growers in Skne and Halland counties.

Given the growing interest in legumes as future food, the growth potential is enormous. Foodhills' products are already in high demand around the world. Two ELGi EG 22 air compressors support Foodhills' production plant. After harvesting, compressed air is used to sift and freeze the peas. There is a 3-hour window between harvesting and the need to sort and deep-freeze the peas. ELGi's air compressors provide 100% redundancy for all compressed air used in the sorting and freezing processes. They deliver ISO 8573:1 grade compressed air and use a last-stage carbon tower to remove aerosols from their exhaust.

An affordable and reliable Air Compressor is critical in today's highly competitive food processing business industry.

ELGi Compressors is a global air compressor company with operations in Europe, offering a diverse range of innovative and technologically advanced compressed air systems. ELGi has constantly strived to ensure that its customers meet their productivity targets while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. Oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, dryers, filters, and downstream components are all available from ELGi. The company's nearly 400 products have a wide range of applications in many industries.

Are you looking to mechanise your Food Processing Industry? Connect to learn how ELGi can help your food processing business innovate more effectively. Please get in touch with us for more details.