Swedish precision tools maker upholds design and manufacturing legacy with an ELGi EG Series air compressor

Trends such as additive manufacturing and IoT sensors are boosting precision tool manufacturing, but integrating effective machinery to enhance the output of industrial operations remains key. Granlund Tools AB, a Swedish precision tools manufacturer, utilised ELGi’s reliable EG series air compressor to deliver high-quality tools that last a lifetime.

Overview of the industry

Machine and precision tools are a strategic investment and an essential commodity in automotive, aerospace, medical instruments, and other industries. High-end manufacturers constantly innovate and upgrade internal technologies to enhance product efficiency while simultaneously reducing delivery time and production cost. Given this backdrop, the precision tools sector has historically adopted world-class manufacturing techniques.

While the fragmented machine tools market is populated with large global players, there are several innovative small and medium-sized companies. The size of the global machine tools market was pegged at USD 112.78 billion in 2019 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.5%, to USD 151.90 billion, by 2027.

COVID-19 and the related economic repercussions of the global lockdowns have dented industrial sectors the world over. Suppliers of precision tools are now focusing on production resumption to meet the rising global demand. Supply chain disruptions and scarcity of labour and materials are likely to persist. However, smart manufacturing can contribute to demand generation. Since the manufacturing process entails a long workflow, any feature that adds quality, speed or safety can translate into a competitive advantage. With smart manufacturing projected to reach USD 480 billion by 2023 2 , the industry is looking to automate manufacturing, access analytics, and improve output.

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About the company

Operating in the precision tools engineering sector, Granlund Tools AB builds next-generation tools to cater to industries across the globe. The world of advanced contract manufacturing requires superior tools, technology, and people - facets that Granlund Tools specialises in. Granlund undertakes significant and expensive R&D efforts to build the best precision tools and meet customer demand. The company acknowledges the pace of industrial progression, and its need to constantly innovate and provide best-in-class products.

The Swedish manufacturer began operations in 1945 after the Second World War and is now globally recognised for the high quality, top-notch performance, and excellent reliability of its products. Since its inception, the company has specialised in manufacturing products to meet unique demands. That culture of fostering innovation and fulfilling specific requirements continues to date, in more than 30 countries. Granlund today incorporates modern manufacturing techniques and know-how to provide 1,300 parts for combination tools that can be assembled in more than 1.5 million variants. By providing easy-to-use and cost-efficient tools, the company caters to wide-ranging industrial needs worldwide.

Granlund specialises in manufacturing the following precision tools:

  • Tools of high-speed steel
  • Tools with brazed/indexable carbide tips
  • Counterbores 
  • Countersinks 
  • Backspotfacers 
  • Spirabors 
  • Reamers

Additionally, the company has in-depth expertise in grinding tools. Since many grinding tools routinely require retightening, Granlund keeps projects ticking along by maintaining these tools with the utmost precision, returning them as good as new. Indeed, some of Granlund’s customers have been using the same tools for as long as 50 years, leading to significantly lower costs over time – a legacy, the firm has developed since 1945. Its service packages are flexible and reliable, another factor that ensures its products run for decades.

The customer challenge

While Granlund Tools has always delivered products of the best quality, speed, and safety, maintaining high standards is not easy. Effective products create recurring customers who demand perfection. Granlund has always promoted a culture of excellence by designing resilient and long-lasting tools, and air compressors form a vital component in this manufacturing process.

For all production machines, compressed air is essential. The air must be available 24/7, and be moisture-free. Irrespective of size or functionality, every machine in the production workflow requires compressed air, either through a nozzle for cleaning, or to automatically power tools and functions. The need for high-quality compressed air is imperative, and without it, any production factory will come to a grinding halt.

If the compressed air is dirty, moist, or varies in pressure, it can block sensitive machine parts and lower the quality and longevity of precision tools. Naturally, the process to manufacture precision tools must be highly precise. Contaminated air also leads to product corrosion or malfunction. Thus, air compressors drive functionality in a factory and even revenues and customer satisfaction to a large extent.

Two aspects of compressed air were vital for Granlund - it must be clean and dry, and it must not vary under pressure. Moreover, in line with Granlund’s commitment to reducing its carbon emissions, its air compressors needed mandatorily to be energy efficient and make less noise.

The solution

The design process for a Granlund tool is very specific: a rod material first goes through a lathe, then a cutter, post which it is drummed for hardness, and then subjected to grinding. At all stages, compressed air is essential. In April 2020, Granlund Tools installed an ELGi air compressor to deliver compressed air. An ELGi EG37 VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) screw air compressor was installed to meet the critical, 24/7 compressed air needs at the production plants.

Granlund Tools AB has specifically selected the ELGi EG Series on account of its:

High reliability and peace of mind: The EG Series compressors are designed to perform at extreme temperatures – from cold to hot and from dry to extremely humid conditions.

High-efficiency airend: ELGi’s airends are equipped with in-house developed η-V profile rotors, with 4/5 lobe combination, designed to run at optimum speeds. This unique design reduces pressure losses and increased efficiencies.

Low noise operations: Thanks to low operating speeds further improved by the operational Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Low maintenance cost: Enhanced life and increased performance due to fewer moving parts at operating speed


With the ELGi team available within an hour to resolve on-site issues, Granlund has been assured of uptime and uninterrupted production at all times. This is critical to avoid operational losses, maintain its reputation and keep its customers satisfied. Proximity to an ELGi partner and the assurance of superior after-sales service and warranty were some of the key reasons for opting for ELGi’s EG series air compressor.

Head of Production at Granlund Tools AB, Roger Scherberg, commented, “We have significantly improved working conditions on the shop floor for our colleagues, by replacing our old and rather noisy compressor, with ELGi’s EG Series. Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption also contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. All in all, a very sound business decision on our part.”

Additionally, the EG series’ reliability, energy efficiency, and low noise were also vital factors. Granlund’s 24/7 manufacturing needs now have a reliable compressor to avoid any production disruptions and continue delivering high-quality precision tools that last for decades. The compressor models have exceeded all expectations since April 2020 and the expertise of ELGi’s regional partners has given Granlund Tools the peace of mind to focus on addressing a wide variety of customer demands where high quality and precision is required.