Compressed Air Calculations Made Easy

Use these calculators for calculations like unit conversion, air receiver tank selection, identifying leakages, pressure drops, and many more.

Unit Conversion Tool

Use this tool to easily convert various units between bar, kg/cm2 or m3/min, cfm, and several other units. Unit conversion on the go

Unit Conversion Calculator

Identify Leakages and Pressure Drops

Unwanted leakages can cause you to spend more on energy costs. Identify the leakages & pressure drops on time and fix them to reduce expenses.

Leakage Calculator
Leakage ON OFF
Pressure Drop Calculator

Air Receiver Tank Sizing Tool

Different compressed air systems require different sizes of air receiver tanks. Use this tool to calculate the actual capacity needed for your system.

Air Receiver Sizing Calculator

Calculate Oil Carryover

Identifying the oil carryover can help monitor the loss of oil and predict any unwanted failures.

Oil Carryover Calculator

Other Helpful Tools & Calculators

Normal Flow to Actual Flow
Standard Flow to Actual Flow