ELGi Vocational Training School

A Holistic Experience For The Youths

J. Vishnupriya

Based out of Maasanayakan Pudur, a small village near Pollachi, J. Vishnupriya joined the ELGi Vocational Training School right after completing her 12 th standard.

According to her, EVTS has transformed her to be a better, more responsible professional. Her journey so far has helped her be more confident and face larger crowds, without any fears. It has also given her the opportunity to explore her interests and capacities, while being able to provide for her family’s financial needs.

Furthermore, her experience has made her appreciate the process of learning a lot more, all thanks to the activities and practice sessions conducted. All these experiences have helped her develop her leadership and delegation skills.

R Kowshika

R Kowshika hails from the small village of Arthanaripalayam near Pollachi. Her mother, Tamilarsi, is the sole breadwinner of her family and has taken the onus of the responsibilities since the past 8 years. Seeing her struggles, Kowshika wanted to help her in whatever way possible, which was why, she too joined EVTS, right after her brother did.

According to her, joining the EVTS was a major breakthrough for her life and has changed her completely. Due to the practical-oriented learning, she too has developed a newfound interest and has become more self-disciplined and confident.

This confidence has given her the courage to take on new tasks and solve problems with ease. Ultimately, for her, EVTS has taught her to lead life in a better way and has brought about a positive change in her family’s life.

S. Uma Maheshwari

A daughter of two daily wage workers, S. Uma Maheshwari joined the EVTS to assist her family financially.

After joining the EVTS, Uma was empowered to be brave enough to face large audiences. It has also helped her overcome her conscious attitude towards people’s perception of her and has instilled the belief that she can achieve everything.

Apart from the immense learning experience, Uma believes that EVTS has helped her to help those in need. The stipend she receives from the EVTS is equally split, wherein one half goes to her parents and the other half to aid underprivileged people. She strongly believes that even after she establishes her own career, she would continue to contribute to society, in whatever way she can.

Kavipriya K

When the world commented that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, many proved that women were the true architects of society.

This was one of the biggest learnings for Kavipriya K, who joined the EVTS as a result of her quest for learning new skills. From the Tech Talks to the practical oriented sessions, she believes that the center has been a transformative experience for her learning trajectory.

She also believes that her experience here gave more importance to self-discipline and self- improvement rather than grades.

Over the course of her journey so far, she believes that she has grown into an independent woman, who can handle anything – from heavy drilling machines to any responsibility that comes her way. She credits her teachers for instilling this sense of autonomy.